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PMIeng will take your designs and validate them during the rapid prototyping stage of your parts or models.

Design Validation Services is a cost-effective testing procedure, which provides clients confirmation of their designs based on the following information:

• PMIeng utilizes FDM as well as SLA printers to print your designs or variations of your designs to get fit and functionality feedback. 3D printing has proven to be a very effective way to collaborate on a design. Design engineers design toward functionality and design alternatives are best communicated with a plastic rendition.

• Sometimes a customer just wants one pc of a design and that also can be printed as an end item, PMIeng generally charges $50 per cubic inch on such parts, this charge is excused for production customers of PMIeng. We just require a 3D model, either a step file of STL file will do.

• Communicating the purpose of the part and what features of the part are critical as it allows us to determine the printing method and orientation of the printing.

3D Printing for Design Validation
Direct Metal Laser Sintering is also available in the following materials:
316L, 15-5Ph, 17-4 PH, Inconel 718, Stellite 21, Cobalt Chrome and Titanium Alloys

3D Printing for Design Validation
3D Printing for Design Validation
3D Printing for Design Validation

The Equation is Simple

The Right Process + The Right Source =
Profit for our customers and long term success for PMIENG


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PO Box 1536
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PMIeng has been around since 1976 and has evolved to changes in the market and changes in technologies. Whatever alloy, size of part or quantity needed, PMIeng has processes and companies who can deliver. Finding the best fit for the project is always PMIeng’s objective!

    3D Printing for Design Validation

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