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This casting was once a 17-piece weldment, which was converted to a one-piece Investment Casting which netted a much more accurately consistent motorcycle steering head.

These components demonstrate the ability to imbed a component inside a casting, very inexpensively

Sequential lot coding for complete traceability with Investment Castings

AVK is made in the USA and offers a complete line of tooling and threaded inserts

Solidification modeling takes the guesswork out of how to gate and pour a casting, and might suggest design alterations for the most effective production

The Composi-sert is AVK’s unique design to utilize radial expansion of a spline to prevent insert spin-out better than any other round insert in soft material

Part quality and consistency is a product of the tool, an IC tool that monitors the temperature of the wax, that is injected in a thixotropic state is far superior to conventional tooling

This is an inboard/outboard steering lever, this was originally a forging with heavy machining operations, with Investment casting and staking a nut for threading, all machining was eliminated

Swapping models with the customer is the most effective way of collaborating on a design

Robotic pouring of steel and stainless steel assures consistency

A 203 lb. shell cast part for the railroad industry 19" X 14.25" X 6.25"

A 61 lb. Shell Cast part; 9" X 6.4"

Progressive MFG Mountain Bike

Progressive MFG Gravel Bike

Progressive MFG Wooden Aero Bike

The Equation is Simple

The Right Process + The Right Source =
Profit for our customers and long term success for PMIENG


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PMIeng has been around since 1976 and has evolved to changes in the market and changes in technologies. Whatever alloy, size of part or quantity needed, PMIeng has processes and companies who can deliver. Finding the best fit for the project is always PMIeng’s objective!


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