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Graphite Permanent Mold Castings

PMIeng provides graphite permanent mold casting services to a variety of industries.

Permanent Mold Castings basically means that you pour your molten metal directly into a die and eject the parts; the die and the mold are the same thing. What makes graphite permanent mold unique is the mold is made of graphite, yes like pencil lead.

This makes the tooling inexpensive and easy to alter. The process is limited to pouring a Zinc /Aluminum ZA-12. Tooling lead time is typically only 3 weeks and dimensional stability is excellent.

Surface finish is about 125 RMS, so it makes for a great process to prototype small die casting parts. The gravity open air pouring of the ZA12 material allows you to over mold, for example you can cast around a fastener for a bonded assembly.

Graphite Permanent Mold Castings

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PMIeng has been around since 1976 and has evolved to changes in the market and changes in technologies. Whatever alloy, size of part or quantity needed, PMIeng has processes and companies who can deliver. Finding the best fit for the project is always PMIeng’s objective!


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