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V Process Aluminum Casting

PMIeng provides V-Process Aluminum Casting services to a variety of industries.

The V process is a unique variation of sand casting Aluminum. V Process uses no binder in the sand and utilizes very fine sand. The sand is held in place by sheets of thin plastic which are thermoformed over the dry sand to hold it in place.

This holds the sand very tight, allowing for close tolerance parts without the need for draft. Also, since the sand is dry, gasses from the molten aluminum easily escape through the sand and are not trapped in your parts. Furthermore, with the sand being extra fine, your castings will net a superior surface finish.

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V Process Aluminum Casting
V Process Aluminum Casting
V Process Aluminum Casting
V Process Aluminum Casting

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PMIeng has been around since 1976 and has evolved to changes in the market and changes in technologies. Whatever alloy, size of part or quantity needed, PMIeng has processes and companies who can deliver. Finding the best fit for the project is always PMIeng’s objective!


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